Eko & Caregility Integration

Eko & Caregility Partner to Address Virtual Care Gap

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Adding Auscultation To Improve the Virtual Physical Exam. The Caregility Cloud™ and Eko Connect integration addresses virtual care gaps by providing a more comprehensive physical exam experience to care teams and patients.

Addressing the Virtual Care Gap

Addressing the Virtual Care Gap
Caregility Virtual Exams – Now with Auscultation

Today's virtual exams are missing a key component – auscultation. Eko Connect now integrates with the award-winning Caregility Cloud™ platform to help care teams collaborate during virtual care sessions, enabling:

  • More comprehensive physical exams
  • High quality body sounds
  • Real-time assessments

Seamless Telehealth Integration

Seamless Telehealth Integration
Simple yet Powerful Solution

This partnership allows users to pair Eko technology-enabled stethoscopes with a Caregility APS telehealth device or tablet to:

  • Streamline telehealth workflows
  • Eliminate need to switch apps
  • Enable remote auscultation with PCG/ECG

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