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Develop new digital biomarkers and collect physiological data at scale with Eko.

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Partner with Eko to develop new algorithms that can transform your therapeutic area. With deep expertise in developing algorithms, consistent success with FDA clearances, and a highly scalable platform for distribution, Eko is the ideal partner.

Partner With Eko

Partner With Eko
Co-Develop Novel Digital Biomarkers

Partner with Eko’s leading data science team to develop and validate algorithms that advance disease detection, assessment of disease progression, or remote patient monitoring.

Generate Physiological Data Sets 

Eko offers powerful data annotation via medical record tokenization integrated into EHRs. Collect annotated data at scale, including:

  • Raw heart and lung sounds with simultaneously captured ECG.
  • Algorithmic output including structural anomalies/murmurs, AFib, bradycardia/tachycardia, and more.

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