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Structural Murmur Detection

Don't Miss a Beat

The SENSORA™ Platform helps flag early signs of valvular heart disease through the detection of structural murmurs.

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The future of heart disease detection is here. SENSORA™ helps detect structural heart murmurs in seconds, using a familiar clinical tool — the stethoscope.

Without SENSORA™ only 43% of structural heart disease is detected.¹
With SENSORA™ 90% of audible structural heart disease is detected.²
SENSORA™ more than doubles structural murmur detection sensitivity.¹

Enhance the Physical Exam

Enhance the Physical Exam
Detection Sensitivity, Doubled

With over 1M heart sounds analyzed to date, our advanced machine learning algorithms are clinically validated at 90% sensitivity — double that of conventional practice.

Advanced Murmur Characterization

Our novel suite of algorithms goes beyond identification. It characterizes and classifies heart sound recordings, distinguishing between innocent or absent, structural systolic, and diastolic murmurs.

Team-Based Care

Our clinical support tool captures heart sounds for you, so all that's left is to interpret the results. It easily integrates into your support team's existing workflow, providing you with more intentional, focused time with patients.

SENSORA™ Includes:

Digital Sensor
Digital Sensor
CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope
AI Murmur Detection
AI Murmur Detection
Point-of-Care Application
Care Pathway Analytics
Care Pathway Analytics
Centralized Data Accessibility

How SENSORA™ Works:

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SENSORA™ Murmur Detection is available only in the US.

(1) Gardezi et al. Cardiac auscultation in diagnosing valvular heart disease: a comparison between general practitioners and cardiologists. European Heart Journal, Vol. 38 (2017): 11552.
(2) Eko Murmur Analysis Software User Manual, LBL 295 Rev B. Structural murmur identification in adult patients (>18 years old)
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