Digital Implementation Summit - PanAgora Pharma

November 08-08, 2023 | Exhibit Table | Cambridge, MA
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Welcome to PanAgora Pharma's Digital Implementation Summit, an event that drives a connected & patient-centric future

Join Eko Health at the Digital Implementation Summit and explore Eko's SENSORA™ Platform and digital stethoscopes support clinical trials, both in-clinic and at-home decentralized clinical trials, through:

  • AI-enabled point-of-care disease detection for highly scalable study recruiting.
  • Low-burden cardiac patient screening for optimized study enrollment.
  • Longitudinal clinical assessment and safety monitoring.

With over 1 million heart sounds analyzed to date, SENSORA™ swiftly identifies heart murmurs with a 90% sensitivity rate, transforming the stethoscope into a powerful tool for objective cardiac insights. 1,2,3  

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Date & Time
Date & Time

Digital Implementation Summit is November 8, 2023.


  • 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
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